Listen Mindfully

Our frontal cortex thinks constantly about the past and the future. When we listen mindfully, we embody the present — we neither reflect back nor project into the future. When we relax our filter for what we deem to be important and truly listen, we become emotionally involved in the speaker’s message.

In order to listen mindfully, practice staying in the present moment. Monitor your thoughts and try to think only about the present moment for one minute. Be fully aware — listen with your ears, eyes, feelings, and brain, without any conscious thoughts or judgments filtering through. Listening mindfully is difficult at first, but it becomes easier the more one practices.

When we make mindful listening a habit, we strengthen our personal and professional relationships, we reduce assumptions and misunderstandings, and increase our effectiveness and emotional intelligence.

Written By: Ron Hirasawa


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Ron Hirasawa
Vice President, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Ron Hirasawa is a management and strategy consultant, and peak performance coach. His career encompasses 30 years of success in leading Fortune 500 teams in marketing, sales, new product development, operations, and consulting environments. Read His Full Bio


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  1. Bill Haser

    Great reminder about being in the present. When you fully listen to someone they know you are engaged. That in turns increases there engagement, a virtuous cycle.

    1. Robertson Lowstuter

      Thank you for your comments, Bill! Mindful listening definitely evolves into a virtuous cycle where everyone wins.

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