Network Your Way to Your Next Job…Fast

By: Clyde Lowstuter

Paperback: $18.95 $24.95

Master networking and create the results you want in your career search while accelerating the contributions and impact you have in your organization. Learn from two of the nation’s leading executive counselors and career development consultants, Clyde C. Lowstuter and David P. Robertson, how to positively direct your beliefs, behavior, emotions, and energy and take charge of your life and career.

“Network Your Way to Your Next Job… Fast” will challenge you to reexamine your fundamental approach and beliefs about networking while equipping you with the tools to uncover valuable opportunities and job leads with startling power and effectiveness.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome your fears and eliminate self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.
  • Turn rejection around and make secretaries your allies.
  • Present yourself with clarity and conviction.
  • Unlock opportunities and uncover personal leads.
  • Add value to every contact – have people welcome your calls.
  • Focus your mind, emotions, energy, and behavior to produce the results you want – each and every time.



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