Impact your relationships positively and elevate your performance and overall effectiveness through mastery of behavioral styles.

Regardless of the roles we play, we live in a world of people and relationships.  Your ability to effectively interact with others increases your potential for success and happiness, both on and off the job.  The quality of your relationships is directly related to how well you understand yourself, your level of authenticity, and the manner in which you communicate and build trust.   

Have you ever…

  • Hired the best talent, and yet had collaboration still fall short?
  • Envisioned your teams generating great rates of return, and yet found them performing to levels lower than you know they are capable of achieving?
  • Expected senior leaders to maneuver through the complexities of organizational change, and yet resistance and status quo remained the norm?
  • Felt your once great organizational culture had reached a plateau and needed something to reinvigorate it?

R|L’s Solution may be for you…

R|L’s B-IQ™ is our next generation, online multi-rater behavioral style assessment instrument.  R|L has successfully utilized this integrated roadmap as a tool in coaching more than 13,500 senior leaders and their organizations to accelerate and optimize performance.


  • Enhances communications, collaboration, rapport, and trust between siloed functions and business sectors.
  • Builds a world-class, high performance culture that leverages the capabilities of all its leaders.
  • Fosters teams being able to generate greater synergies, influence, and results while greatly minimizing behavioral clashes and bruised egos.

Benefits of Behavioral IQ

B-IQ™ reveals your behavioral style, how you are perceived, and the impact you have on others, and they you.  B-IQ™ is an incisive assessment instrument and pragmatic process that equips you to significantly raise your interpersonal awareness and speed read others’ styles in the moment.  It enhances your understanding and appreciation of the nuances of human behavior, including your (and others’) roadblocks and accelerants to success.  By becoming more behaviorally agile, you will improve your overall authenticity, accountability, and operating effectiveness.  

The focus of the B-IQ™ goes beyond most assessments by helping you truly understand the dynamics of how other styles operate in conjunction with your own style.  What are key drivers, inhibitors, communication issues, and conflict modalities?  How do you and other styles interact and react under stress, defensiveness, or change?  How might your style emotionally trigger others, and vice versa?  How will you and other styles most naturally build trust, accomplish your best work, or challenge yourselves with focused decision-making, risk-taking, and next-level growth? 

B-IQ™ enhances your ability to readily see the potential of others, to suspend style bias and assumptions, and to mentor and develop others to build a super-charged performance engine.  

B-IQ Multi-Rater Assessment

While everyone has a perception of themselves, by involving others who know you well, your behavioral style is more accurately identified.  This online assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.  In preparation, you will enter the names and contact information for those you are inviting to take the assessment on your behalf.  You should select people who know you well.  There are no right or wrong styles and world class teams draw out the best in others and embrace the diversity of all styles.  

The results will be calculated and presented to you in a customized report.  Whether this is part of an executive coaching program, team building retreat, or solely a single assessment, you will have the opportunity to work with an R|L coach to interpret your results and discuss the impact on your relationships and performance.  

As a result of your feedback, your coach will guide you in the selection of 2 to 3 specific goals and will anchor your learning in the co-development of an action plan with measurable outcomes.  To complete this plan and achieve your targeted goals, you will utilize R|L’s Tool Kit:  Coaching Action Plan.  

B-IQ Results

Before you can understand others’ behavioral styles, you first have to understand your own style.  An accurate perception of your true self is the catalyst to you being able to achieve successful relationships and unqualified support from others. Not surprisingly, your self-perception and your behavioral style is built from experiences you’ve had throughout your life, especially your interactions with others.

B-IQ™ highlights your behavioral style and explores those strengths and overplayed behaviors you might display.  Coaching tips are provided on how to optimally communicate and interact with others.  How might you take full accountability for the impact of your behavior on others?  How would you build greater rapport and trust with others of the same and different styles?  

Specifically, B-IQ™ pinpoints your own Behavioral Style, your Behavioral Agility Index (BAI), and your Authenticity Quotient (AQ), described below:

Your Own Style Position

What we know to be true is that you are always the strongest leader when you lead out of your natural, authentic behavioral style.  From that authentic position, you have the greatest opportunity to be more bold, confident, courageous, and resourceful.  When you are behaving authentically you are open, transparent, and self-revealing.  It’s interesting that when you operate authentically, you accept yourself without judgment, being deeply grounded in who you are.  You’re not posturing to be someone you’re not.  To that end, you have all the earmarks of a self-actualized and self-fulfilled individual.     

Your style is your style is your style… Your authentic style is formed from early childhood and is a unique combination of genetics and environment.  So while you won’t be able to change your style, you can adapt your behavior situationally to relate to the needs and perspectives of others.

Authenticity Quotient (AQ)

Your B-IQ™ will identify the difference between your self-perceived behavioral style, and how others see you.  This measurement will give you insights into the ramifications of the delta, strategies on how to close the gap, and techniques to better communicate and interact with others. 

Remember that your AQ is a dynamic process and is always changing.  You can narrow the gap between how you see yourself and how others perceive your style by becoming more self-aware and transparent, observing authentic behavior in role models, and by asking for constructive feedback.  

Behavioral Agility Index(BAI)  

Behavioral Agility Index measures the degree to which you are able to fluidly adapt your behavior to diverse interpersonal styles and to changing situations. The greater your agility, the greater the probability of your creating self-awareness, connectedness, effectiveness, and ultimately trust.  The lower your agility, the greater the possibility of defensiveness and conflict.  Being agile allows you to tap into your behavioral intelligence for success. 

The B-IQ™ instrument measures your behavioral agility, which will be graphed on the quadrant grid as a radius around your style position.  The Behavioral Agility Index™ rates your style flexibility as High, Medium, or Low, and measures how well you can operate beyond your own immediate behavioral style and other like-minded individuals.  Those with a High Behavioral Agility Index™ have the ability to effectively relate well with all styles, well beyond their own style quadrant. Individuals with a Low Behavioral Agility Index™ do not easily try new things, as they are comfortable with the status quo and have little desire to modify their behavior situationally to others.


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