Our core beliefs

Achieving Potential

Everyone intends to do well and is uniquely creative, resourceful, and talented.

100% of executives can improve their personal and team’s performance through sound development and coaching provided they are committed to enhancing their leadership capabilities. Becoming an effective leader, or high performance team, is a conscious choice rather than natural ability. Talent is what you have; effort and commitment are what you create and sustain.


Authenticity is the single most important determinant for individual and leadership success.

At RL, we focus on being authentic: Open, honest, and straightforward with each other and our clients. You can count on us to have your best interests at heart, in good times and in challenging ones.


Robertson Lowstuter is deeply committed to the success of our individual and corporate clients.

We don’t take short cuts. We are accessible 24/7 and will do what it takes to serve our clients fully. We will talk or meet with our clients anytime, anywhere they need us. For our career transition clients, we open up doors and provide introductions.


We strive for performance excellence and challenge everyone to be fully accountable for their behavior and the quality of their outcomes.

To keep our guiding focus on ‘Creating Uncommon Results ®’, we consistently ask, “What is truly required for this client’s positive outcome?” Correctly anticipating our client’s needs and delivering value-added services is the key to our success.

Key Distinctions of R|L's Services

Uncompromising Quality

We do sweat the small stuff.  Attention to detail and follow-through are definitive R|L hallmarks.  

Robertson Lowstuter provides the highest quality and most innovative coaching in a personalized environment.  Our client companies and alumni select us because of our uncompromising standards of excellence and personal integrity.  

R|L is focused on enhancing leadership performance, personal growth, and authenticity.  We go the extra mile, routinely far exceeding our clients’ performance expectations.  As a testimony to this, 85% of our business is repeat or referral. 

Innovative Options and Transformational Change Positively Impact the P&L​

R|L coaches are creative and comprehensive in their counseling.  We push beyond the obvious and develop options that integrate people’s career goals with their realities.  

As partners with our clients, we take a holistic approach to develop meaningful, yet practical career and life strategies.  

We’re not into fluff . . . we’re 100% focused on what works.

Experienced Business Executive Coaches

R|L has executive expertise.  Our coaches are business executives coaching business executives.  

Since we have “sat where our clients sit,” we know that senior executives deal with increasingly complex and more sophisticated issues and concerns.  Sound counsel, coupled with truth and trust over time, brings significant change.  Sustained change.

Flexible, Responsive Solutions / Sustainable Change

Through our comprehensive executive development processes, we provide practical solutions to complex business problems.  

Our corporate clients have appreciated our nimbleness and ability to personalize our executive development processes to address their specific needs . . . and positively impact the P&L.

Thought Leaders

We readily share our knowledge from our ongoing research and practical experience of human behavior and organizational dynamics.  Senior R|L staff members are regularly featured speakers at conferences, workshops, professional associations, and women’s groups and serve on university boards that advance the academic and careering arenas.  Clyde C. Lowstuter is a noted professional speaker and has authored numerous motivational works in the field of careering, including the acclaimed McGraw-Hill books In Search of the Perfect Job: 8 Steps to the $250,000+ Executive Job That’s Right for You and Network Your Way to Your Next Job… Fast!, as well as audio learning programs, Empower Your Career & Your Life and $ix Figure Networking.

Performance Metrics and the ROI 

An integral component of all of R|L’s Executive Development programs is identifying outcomes and performance metrics.  

In addition to individual executives becoming more aligned with their companies’ strategic goals, executive teams invariably develop into cohesive, well-functioning groups of authentic contributors. The positive organization-wide impact is unusually profound and felt immediately.

Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee results or the fee is on us.  We guarantee that . . . 

  • Our consulting and coaching venues will enhance our clients’ performance, productivity, and self-awareness.  
  • Our clients’ ability to execute their plans will be strengthened.
  • The interpersonal skills and organizational agility of our clients will be improved.
  • If the client or the company is dissatisfied with our delivery of services, then the fee will be either be refunded or applied against another assignment.

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