Run Towards Your Fears

Silver Back GorillaSome fears are rational, like battling a life-threatening illness or the takeover of your company by a major competitor.  Other fears are irrational, consisting of lies we tell ourselves.  Everyone has at least one deep-seated irrational fear that erodes her/his boldness, confidence, and authenticity.

Identify one of your irrational fears that you hope no one discovers.  Notice what you do when you are hooked by it.  How readily do you become defensive or discount it or withdrawn?  What is your propensity to hide or attack?  When/how do you benefit from focusing on and allowing these disempowering beliefs to dictate how you behave?

Take a few minutes to locate your fears and notice what triggers them.  When ignored, your fear can grow to the size, smell, and menace of an 800-pound slobbering gorilla – something everyone else can see but you, with no one wanting to address it because of the uncertainty of what drama or ramifications might unfold.

  • How satisfying would your life/career be if you NEVER managed your fears?
  • What would your life be like if you had COMPLETE CONTROL over your fears?
  • What could you achieve?
  • Who could you become?

Practice regaining control over one irrational fear or disempowering belief today.  What one step can you take to manage your fear?  You will begin to transform your life and career within a week.  Note how you impact others.

Written By: Clyde C. Lowstuter


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