Executive Selection Assessment

Partnering with R|L for Executive Selection Assessment.


Since 1981, R|L has been the creative force in the executive selection assessment and development coaching field. R|L’s assessment process is an objective and accurate evaluation of an executive’s demonstrated abilities, performance, and potential, as well as developmental needs. Areas of discovery include personal/professional strengths, leadership capabilities, job performance, team orientation, career aspirations, and other areas that might represent accelerants or roadblocks to success.

R|L has three levels of Selection Assessments to offer you. These include a fairly automated Multi-Dimensional Executive Selection Assessment Snapshot. Likely this tool may be used for Director/VP level candidates or perhaps earlier in the process to help you determine what candidates you would like to advance through the final stages of the process. For C-Suite executives, RL can provide a comprehensive assessment including company leadership interviews, a variety of assessment tools, an in depth candidate interview, and summary report. Lastly, R|L has an even more robust offering for your CEO candidates which includes additional and more in-depth interviews coupled with an outline of customized interview questions for your and the company’s use in their further dialogues with the candidates. Also, in the event that a client company does not have defined leadership competencies, we can use tools such as the Career Architect to identify the key parameters for the Candidate Assessment.


Through a comprehensive evaluation of role and behavioral expectations and organizational cultural issues, and by employing in-depth assessment interviews, a series of evaluative tools, and a proprietary R|L questionnaire, you and your client companies will gain clarity on a candidate’s unique strengths and capabilities, as well as developmental areas.  It is recommended that a newly hired executive be provided feedback on the Assessment Report as part of this process.  This feedback session is designed to help the new leader to “jumpstart” the onboarding process. Our assistance in this onboarding context is a real differentiator for R|L and helps to ensure that the new hire integrates smoothly and quickly into the culture, team, and organization. 

We can be responsive and deliver the full assessment for either the C-Suite or CEO roles within a turnaround time of one week and with a 24-hour end-to-end time for the snapshot assessment.

R|L’s Value Proposition for Selection Assessment Partner

  • Assessment is at the heart of all of our services.  R|L has over 15 local Executive Coaches and 158 Global Affiliates that are certified in a variety of Assessment Tools and well-versed in their use and application.
  • R|L has had somewhat of an “Executive Laboratory” for over 38 years in working with senior leaders and has the dual perspective and insights around what both accelerates and as well as derails executives’ performance and effectiveness.  This perspective can be very helpful in this Selection Assessment process. 
  • We establish a nice partnership with your client in understanding their values, culture, business requirements, leadership team and dynamics to create a meaningful context for determining fit.  
  • We utilize our own Behavioral I-Q Assessment Tool: The Art of Interaction, which focuses on the leader’s Authenticity and Agility and is rich with coaching tips and strategies to assist the new leader in working more effectively across diametrically opposed styles.
  • Our approach is very pragmatic and we are able to provide the feedback in an onboarding context.  We can co-develop an action plan for the new hire’s first 90 days to ensure a smooth integration into this new company, team, and culture.  
  • R|L offers three basic levels of Selection Assessment typically matched to Director/VP level, C-Suite leaders, and CEO candidates.  R|L is very flexible and nimble; we are very adept at tailoring our process and assessment tools to meet your needs and/or the client company’s needs.

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