Three C’s of Effective Communication

Good communication is: Clear, Concise, and Compelling.

  1. Clear conveys a lack of ambiguity: that the idea has been targeted for a single message.
  2. Concise conveys certainty of thought: that the idea has been carefully thought through and stated simply.
  3. Compelling conveys a call to action: that the idea has been presented to encourage a response from the listener.

Communication is at the heart of making a connection with others to build rapport, trust, and accelerate business outcomes.

Whether you are responding to an email, delivering a presentation, expressing your opinion, or asking a thoughtful question, use these 3 communication elements as a check list to be sure your communication is always the best it can be.

Written by: Dave Dallam

About the Author

Dave Dallam
Vice President, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Dave Dallam brings to R|L more than 35 years of senior sales, marketing, commercial development, strategic planning, and general management expertise. Read His Full Bio




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