Putting creative solutions into action to thrive in the midst of exponential change, increased performance expectations, and turbulent market conditions. People want to perform better, but they do not necessarily know how to.

“You opened our eyes to the human and organizational dynamics during our company’s major reorganization.  Thank you for teaching immediately usable skills that enabled all of us to settle down, get focused, stop gossiping, and be even more productive than we were before.  You helped us replace fear and doubt with confidence and determination.”

  Senior Vice President – national restaurant chain

R|L Leadership Institute Process

  • R|L’s Leadership Institute offers a number of straightforward, highly practical programs that equip people to operate more effectively, boldly, and with greater certainty and purpose . . . in the midst of relentless change.  
  • In either consulting or workshop form, the R|L Leadership Institute process is initiated as an organization (1) is committed to enhancing performance and / or (2) when it anticipates significant productivity drops during accelerated organizational change.  
  • Leaders learn how to eliminate for themselves and their teams common triggers of doubt and sub-optimization of performance:  new leadership, radical shifts in performance expectations, significant sales growth, merger, acquisition, or restructuring. 
  • We defuse emotional issues that might exist and reassure people about major concerns surrounding their organization.  We talk realistically about the opportunities, problems, and skills needed that are attendant to significant and ongoing change.  
  • We teach employees a number of “common-sense,” pragmatic skills that can be applied immediately and enable them to accelerate their contributions. 

Exponential Change

  • Exponential change appears to be the only certain business constant. Our operational definition of exponential change is “change that is so rapid and constant that it is unable to be institutionalized.”
  • Managing change well is no longer just a business luxury. It is an essential survival skill requirement for organizations and for those who work within them. Change can no longer be viewed tactically or passively.
  • Change is not going to stop “so that we can take a breath” before the next wave. Things aren’t going to settle down or “go back to normal” or “be as they were before.” Exponential change is here to stay, regardless of how we feel about it.

New Skills Are Needed, New Perspectives are Provided

Quickness, Adaptability, Nimbleness, and Innovation   

These skills are critically needed to effectively lead in the midst of relentless change.  Organizational survival, as well as career survival, depends on your ability to embrace such change as the only constant, not shrink from it.   

Changing organizations require people to have greater strategic and tactical skills.  Employees at all levels need to think strategically as to how change itself will be anticipated, accurately diagnosed, and decisively acted upon.  

Extrapolated Decision-Making 

Organization reaction time is precious in intensely competitive environments.  Rarely do executives have the luxury of collecting all the data necessary to make a completely safe and comfortable decision.  Companies might be on the right path, but if they hesitate or plod along they will be run over by those who have picked up the pace.  

Successful organizations have strong cultures of a high sense of urgency, agility, and practical experimentation and testing of what course of action is producing the greatest result.  The employees who will succeed are those who have a passion to get the right things done – NOW!

Counter-Intuitive Action

It’s common for individuals to be uncertain as to what skill sets are necessary to effectively thrive in the midst of exponential change.  When faced with great uncertainty in the midst of significant change, many people slow their pace, “hunker down”, and minimize their visibility while trying to gauge which way the political winds are blowing.

While this wait-and-see behavior may feel intuitively right, R|L’s counter-intuitive approach is to embrace change, not run from it. We recommend that people be highly visible and proactive.  Volunteer for task forces.  Reach up and take projects “off the boss’s plate.”  One of the best ways to minimize the perceived threat of “new” senior executives is to seek them out and learn their performance expectations and goals. 

Managing organizational change is a learned skill with a technology all its own.  It must be learned if it is to be implemented.  It will not happen by itself.  R|L is deeply experienced in equipping its clients to shift their thinking and see multiple perspectives, having consulted since 1981 in more than 500 companies in every major business sector.

Practical, Results-Driven Strategies

  • Many of R|L’s Leadership Institute™ programs and workshop series are leading-edge and uniquely innovative.  All are immediately applicable and advance a person’s ability to contribute with a number of new or enhanced skills.

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