Nonverbal Communication

In every connection more is communicated non-verbally than verbally. However, tone of voice, facial expressions, hand gestures, and body language can become so common that our radar is de-tuned to them. When we stop recognizing the non-verbal cues others are giving us, we create a gap in communication. Non-verbals express the feelings that are critical to our understanding and to our leadership. Tune up your radar by observing conversations that you cannot overhear to try and read the emotions being shared. When you practice reading non-verbals, you strengthen your emotional intelligence, relationships, and overall leadership skills.

Written By: Dave Dallam

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Dave’s R|L Executive Coaching process focuses on individual self-awareness, intentional behavior modification, and leadership of the daily interactions of team members. Read Full Bio


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  1. Josie

    Well said Dave, spot on.

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