Building the Web to Achieve Critical Mass


For most people, being in transition brings uncertainty and loneliness as they struggle to deal with the loss of affiliation and daily structure that has marked their working lives. For many, understanding the phases they will pass through emotionally and process-wise can give them a sense of focus and order, especially when they fully realize that which they can control and that which they cannot.

There is so much value in the iterative process of completing a resume and getting your story down that is hard for many to completely understand or realize. Stated simply, the journey of discovery in creating your story and articulating it in the manner in which the marketplace looks to solve problems and acquire talent is a key foundational element of successful transitions. Following getting your “house in order” we then face the sometimes overwhelming task of how we enter the employment marketplace in a manner that ensures the highest potential of success – of others being aware of your value proposition and you being aware of opportunities that fit your credentials.

The outreach phase of transition is all about achieving critical mass by using the landing transoms effectively to build your web of awareness, contacts, and connections. While each person in transition, depending on your own situation, will find certain of the landing transoms more productive and efficient, your outreach strategy will benefit from understanding the interrelationships and interdependencies of creating your web. The 5 landing transoms are Recruiters, Databases, Contact Network, Targeting, and Affiliations and each offers unique subsets and opportunities to create awareness and build critical mass. As one client commented “When I embarked on my outreach, I had no idea how being active across transoms would enhance the sheer number of opportunities that would come my way. But after executing my outreach over a few months, I heard about things and others heard about me in a way that was never possible before.” It takes a concerted effort over a period of time but gives candidates a much better chance to be aware of opportunities they want to compete for. It’s simply exercising your outreach strategy to control and accelerate awareness.

Written by: Matthew P. Gonring

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Matthew P. Gonring
Vice President & Executive Coach, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

As an experienced Executive Coach, Matt Gonring appreciates the unique and multi-dimensional nature of his clients. He partners with clients, encourages candor, and engenders trust by ultimately achieving improved self-awareness, capabilities, and performance. He strives to understand their business context, opportunities, and career aspirations, along with personal motivations. Read Full Bio



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