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Matt Gonring

Vice President & Executive Coach, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

As an experienced Executive Coach, Matt Gonring appreciates the unique and multi-dimensional nature of his clients.  He partners with clients, encourages candor, and engenders trust by ultimately achieving improved self-awareness, capabilities, and performance.  He strives to understand their business context, opportunities, and career aspirations, along with personal motivations.  His clients come to realize their strengths and opportunities through a journey of self-discovery leading to greater organizational influence and advocacy.  His strengths as a verbal and written communicator are complemented with deep understanding of organizational dynamics and the individual actions/behaviors required to achieve success.  His extensive knowledge and experience as a Corporate Officer for 6 corporations and a coach for C-Suite leaders have helped develop his frame of reference on organization dynamics and team leadership.  Matt recognizes the implications of personal character in business settings and  enables greater emotional intelligence, improved judgment, and leadership intellect.

Business Background

Matt began Executive Coaching with R|L in 2014 following a career leading the functions of communications/marketing for 6 large global corporations including Jackson Insurance, Pactiv Corporation, USG Corp., Baxter, Rockwell, and Arthur Andersen.  Throughout his career he has counseled senior leadership on challenging business issues as an advisor and member of executive leadership.  Rooted in messaging, Matt is particularly adept at advising executives on the implications of content, behaviors, and on how they are perceived.  His breadth of industry experience in healthcare, financial and professional services, transportation, manufacturing, consumer products, and consulting provides him with insights others do not always recognize.  As a leadership member and C-Suite advisor throughout his 30-year professional career, Matt intuitively recognizes factors affecting success in the workplace.  He’s created high performance teams, driving significant change in the workplace.  Matt has been on the Graduate Faculty of Northwestern University and continues teaching business ethics as an adjunct professor at George Washington University.

Coaching Specialties

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