Take Charge

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Mountain ManTaking Charge of your career is the opposite of Waiting and Hoping.  Don’t assume that the skills that brought you to this juncture in your career will guarantee success in your current or future roles.  Don’t passively wait for your career to dramatically transform into something it is not now.

Someone once said, “If your ship hasn’t yet come in, swim out to it!”

If your professional relationships are not as rewarding or as powerful as you’d like, don’t immediately seek to leave your organization because you are uncomfortable; if you leave, there’s a high probability that you’ll have similar issues in a new setting.

Rather, view your current circumstances as an “executive learning laboratory” in which you seek insights and lessons en route to mastering leadership and interpersonal skills.

Use any disappointments you have as leverage to learn how to contribute even more fully and turn opponents into proponents, while you build widespread organizational endorsement.


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  1. Dave Haataja

    Solid advice. Everyday is an opportunity to learn, and not only in times of distress or frustration.

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