Seek Role Models

Role models are key to succession planning in a company because you can build on their successful behaviors. Who do you admire as a leader? What powerful behaviors are they using? Do they vary their behavior and communication styles depending on the situation and capabilities of those they lead? What are they doing differently than other executives? Do they listen more than they tell? Do they encourage timely feedback from subordinates, peers, and senior leaders? Asking role models to provide feedback to you will help develop your management skills. What skills would you like to emulate?

Written by: Ron Hirasawa

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Ron Hirasawa
Vice President | Executive Coach

As a seasoned Executive Coach with large cap, small cap, and start-up company management experience, Ron Hirasawa fosters effective client interpersonal skill-building and team leadership skills. He commits 100% to his clients’ success in achieving strategic organizational goals. Clients become more successful and influential by being conscious of and practicing the emotional intelligence components of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Clients also become more adept at behavioral agility, adjusting communications and managing conflict with others’ differing behavioral styles. Ron helps clients to develop team members for succession and prepares clients for greater management opportunities and responsibilities. Read Full Bio



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