3 Keys to Transform Your Relationships

  1. Be the Best Version of Yourself: Be Authentic – that is being open, honest, straightforward, respectful to others, and accountable for the impact you have on others.
  2. Be Transparent – let your joy and confidence show. Listen attentively to others without a need to “top” their experiences or discount their beliefs. Life should not be a game of one-upmanship.
  3. Master behavioral agility – understand and appreciate the behavioral differences of others.

Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”


Written by: Clyde Lowstuter


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  1. Dan Lantry

    Thanks Clyde. This is seemingly so simple and common-sense in theory, but yet surprisingly challenging to do consistently in all settings and audiences. It is quite liberating, for example, to take off the “work mask” many of us were taught we needed to put on every morning before heading into the office. My experience is that people appreciate being treated as valued, valuable and worthy of the respect of candid and transparent communication.

  2. Mike ysteboe

    The challenge for many of us who are comfortable in our authenticity is the final part of the first statement. Accountability for our impact. A challenge for me today. Thanks for making me do a bit of personal housekeeping today.

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