Becoming Resilient

Successful executives seem to bounce back from adversity faster than others. Somehow in facing the failure, they find their inner strength and become more than they were before. How quickly you recover from disappointment, difficulties, or failure can determine how readily you re-establish your leadership position of confidence and well-being. Here are four practical tips that contribute to greater resolve:

  1. Positive Mindset — Hold that the difficulty is only a temporary setback. Actively seek the learning in the situation.
  2. Transparency — Rather than becoming defensive, seek feedback, ask for help from mentors, and risk being vulnerable and authentic.
  3. Shift Perspectives — Step back, even in the moment, and see the situation differently. Resilient people shift through multiple vantage points, which allows them to change their position and emerge successfully again.
  4. Taking the First Step into Action — Determine a best first step and take it. That courage will propel you into action and allow you to regain traction and renew your confidence.

Resilient people choose not to let setbacks define who they are. So often people define themselves by what they do and not who they are. This can be dangerous when facing a setback. How can you implement these four steps as you face challenges this week?

Written By: Carolyn Lowstuter


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Carolyn Lowstuter
Executive Vice President, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Carolyn Lowstuter has more than 25 years of experience in executive and leadership development consultancy, entrepreneuring, service and non-profit. Read Full Bio


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