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Dave Dallam

Vice President & Executive Coach, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Dave’s R|L Executive Coaching process focuses on individual self-awareness, intentional behavior modification, and leadership of the daily interactions of team members. Dave is committed to helping clients achieve individual greatness through guided self-discovery.  His coaching style is always open, straightforward, authentic, and supportive.

Dave is particularly skilled in leading commercial business functions, which he finds the most challenging and the most impactful to a client company’s growth and ROI.  As a coach, Dave is quick to see to the core of executives’ talents and values, and empower them to identify blind spots and roadblocks to success.

Business Background

Dave’s deep experience managing dozens of managers allows him to function as a coach to his clients in identifying and transitioning to their next-level performance.  After being coached through R|L in the 1990s, Dave led four healthcare companies to consistent transformational successes.  His own R|L coaching experience taught him that the authentic engagement of a company’s leaders represents its single greatest competitive advantage and its strongest growth and profitability driver. 

Dave’s career includes more than 20 years of coaching experience (with Robertson Lowstuter since 2012). He has held P&L general management responsibilities for large operating divisions of international companies since 1994.  Dave led winning global sales and marketing teams for more than 20 years for four industry-leading medical device companies, including Hu-Friedy Manufacturing, Leica Microsystems / Danaher, Zeiss, and Bausch & Lomb.

Coaching Specialties

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