Leadership as “Learned” Skill

Career development is not a single accomplishment, it’s a continuum of learning new skills from:
Being individually excellent at your craft to—
Showing leadership on projects and ideas to—
Taking on projects and initiatives and delivering to—
Leading teams in projects and initiatives to—
Leading others effectively to—
Leading through others with influence.

Ascertain where are you at on the Leadership Development continuum? What new skills do you need to aspire to the next level? How do you need to operate to get others to want to work for you? What was it you admired in your best boss, and how can you emulate those traits? What are you doing to enhance your self-awareness as to how you are perceived?

There remains places for independent workers, but in order to progress in most organizations team leadership skills become critical to success. With higher level jobs comes the requirement to team with and effectively lead others.

Written By: Matt Gonring

About the Author

Matt Gonring
Vice President & Executive Coach, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

As an experienced Executive Coach, Matt Gonring appreciates the unique and multi-dimensional nature of his clients. He partners with clients, encourages candor, and engenders trust by ultimately achieving improved self-awareness, capabilities, and performance. Read Full Bio


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