How CEO’s Recognize and Address Team Dysfunction

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Being able to recognize a team’s dysfunction is, as they say, half the battle.  With this in mind, I have created a 4-step process to help you recognize and address any team’s or leadership’s dysfunction.
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1st  Step:  Recognize Underlying Issues

  • It’s critical to understand what/when/ how alignment and synergies within the executive team are enhanced, diminished, or derailed.
  • The competitors are outside of the company, not inside; we’re all on the same team.
  • The common compelling goal that unites everyone is the success of the company, not winning at the expense of a colleague.

2nd Step:  Involve 

  • Gain team members’ input in identifying and shaping how the organization could operate at higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Brainstorm strategies for how your executive team could become more aligned and synergistic, leading to greater overall effectiveness.
  • Discuss common business problems collectively with the team rather than allowing functions to make decisions solely from the perspective of their silos.
  • Learn how to leverage individual strengths that create team/organization synergies.

3rd Step:  Explore

  • Ask each person to observe the dynamics in the SLT team meetings.
  • Identify and discuss things that are WORKING WELL and AREAS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENT.
  • Stop blurting / start listening to others, acknowledge the value of others’ ideas, and affirm each other.

4th Step:  Discuss & Commit

  • Discuss what team dynamics should CONTINUE, STOP, and START.
  • Commit to each other as to how the team will optimally function.

Experiment and observe away!  Be sure to add your comments and perspectives to generate blog dialogue!


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