Master Leadership

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Leadership is a role and a function, and an art and a science.

Team LeaderIf you believe that leadership is a single dimension, your overall performance will be a shadow of what’s possible.  Mastering leadership requires you to both perform, as well as unlock the potential of your staff.

Leadership success is found in balancing multiple responsibilities: the need to produce something tangible and create a synergistic team.

When form and function work in tandem the workplace can become a positive, results-driven, innovative environment.  Leaders who understand and embrace this simple fact invariably create empowering environments where people find significant meaning in their work and are compelled to produce extraordinary results.  Organizations with these attributes are more apt to generate enviable growth and profits.

Take a few minutes to envision your ideal team in terms of your role and function, and how you might master the art and science of leadership.

Look at your current team; evaluate the gaps between how it is performing now and what can be improved.

What adaptive shifts can you make in your own behaviors and beliefs that would positively impact performance?

What would team members recommend be done to enhance performance?

What else can you do to create a high performance team?

Mastering Leadership – it’s your right and duty.


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