5 Ways to Supercharge Your Career

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Extraordinary leaders are the men and women that lead amazing teams, create energized cultures, set impossible expectations, and achieve mind-boggling results.  These leaders shape Classic Camarothe world.  We, here at R|L, salute these extraordinary leaders and want to be just like them.

But how?  How can we be extraordinary with an already packed schedule?

Be Visionary:

Without a clear and compelling vision the team and organization are rudderless.  It’s nigh unto impossible to realize ambiguous goals.  Create a vision.  Be passionate and extol radical trust.  If you have an unshakeable belief in what’s possible you will be able to rally talented contributors.  To maintain momentum, continuously communicate your inspiring goals, expectations, and belief in each person.

Be Transparent:

If you are open and straightforward in your communications, you will enhance your credibility and gain greater commitment from others.  People are an organization’s most important resource; don’t waste it by being uncertain and unclear.  Focus equally on strengthening relationships and generating results.

Be Demanding:

Hire, develop, promote, and only keep players that are bold, confident, highly collaborative, and deeply committed to the company’s profitable growth.  Leaders have the responsibility for the well-being and development of every person in their team.  Model, promote, and support cross-functional partnerships.  Look for common interests and intersections for functional teams to work together for the greater organizational good.  Quickly confront disruptive and dysfunctional attitudes, behaviors, or less-than-stellar performance.

Be Committed:

Embrace failure as a pathway to success, not a derailment or dead end.  Mistakes often lead to keen insights and significant innovations, that is, if we pay close attention and modify our approach.  World class leaders are undeterred by setbacks; indeed, they tend to strengthen their resolve.  Don’t be afraid to tinker.  It might lead to enhancing a product, process, or system.

Be Courageous:

If you don’t model it – no one else will. Now is the time to listen to and trust your powerful, positive inner voice.  Don’t accept disempowering self-talk, as it will distract you from what you are trying to accomplish.  Focus only on your empowering beliefs and towering strengths. Be emboldened; you are more resourceful than you can ever imagine.  You can do this.  Say what you’ll do and do what you’ve said.  I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the results.


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  1. Cook

    I really like this post and agree with the aspirational principles set forth both as a leader and as a follower. However, in my 20-year career, I have found that many leaders do not have the courage, the intestinal fortitude if you will, that is required to live in a space of transparency and authenticity versus selectively exhibiting these behaviors when convenient or politically safe. I have been told that I am authentic and transparent throughout my career by people who are very grateful for it but who are also usually in shock and awe about it, which speaks to its rarity. Thoughts?

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