Authenticity Rocks!

Authentic Business MeetingYears ago I was zapped from a job I dearly loved, not because I was incompetent, but rather I zigged and zagged in the relationship with my boss. In the weeks that elapsed, I mastered martyrdom and was the poster boy for being a victim.  Eventually I emerged from the fog of upset with the life-changing realization that I was the author and architect of my dismissal.  Bottom line:  why should he endorse me, if I was unwilling to support and endorse him.  I operated independently and was consistently too confrontive.  Stupid and arrogant, I know . . . .

Clearly, I had not been operating authentically by blaming my boss.  However, once I assumed total accountability for my derailment, my life and career trajectory took off.  I discovered that authenticity is a critically important mindset to career success and managing your emotions.  World-class leaders are open, congruent, transparent, and fully expressed, while taking complete responsibility for their impact, intended or unintended.  I clearly learned this profound truth the hard way.

From that moment to today, my life’s (and R|L’s) mission has been to introduce the power of living an authentic life in organizations, globally.  So, I ask you:

  • What are the PROS and CONS of your behaving authentically?
  • How might being authentic lead to enhanced trust in all your relationships?
  • How can you be more authentic, more of the time?
  • What might the positive P&L impact be if you operated fully authentically?

Written By: Clyde C. Lowstuter


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