The Art of Following Up

Set yourself apart by following up. An initial meeting and exchange of business cards is only the beginning. The key to building a solid network is following up. Consider connecting on LinkedIn with someone whom you’ve met at an industry function within 48 hours of your initial meeting. Think of something specific from your discussion and refer back to it. Continue to tap these new acquaintances every so often. Always think of small ways to add value and to continue a meaningful dialog. Perhaps send them an interesting industry article, suggest a good book to read, or meet them for lunch to connect without an alternative agenda. It won’t be long before you’ve established yourself as a great networker who pays it forward.

Whether you are networking internally where you work to gain stronger organization-wide endorsement or networking externally to benchmark, share best practices, gain new perspectives, or seek job-related advice and counsel, the art of following up is essential in building that professional network base. Meaningful relationships happen over time, by following up and reconnecting.

Written By: Kathryn Hartrick

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Kathryn Hartrick

Vice President & General Counsel, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Kathryn Hartrick is an executive and career coach who combines over 25 years of employment law expertise with first-hand knowledge of business needs and employee-employer relationships. Read Full Bio



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