Spring Fever – Embody It

by Clyde C. Lowstuter

Monarch Butterfly EmergesHere in Chicago the buzz of spring is everywhere, even though snow is still on the ground. People are ready for the end of winter and I am excited to put my snow-blower away. While I love all the seasons, spring is my favorite, as it clearly represents a time of renewal and change.  I am always awed by nature’s magic – how beautiful flowers emerge from what was previously frozen tundra.  Indeed, in a few short weeks, the landscape will be transformed with very little struggle on our part.

As I reflect on those in career transition, I am struck by the similarities with spring’s emergence.  We regularly hear from clients and friends, alike, that their searches are difficult and that the marketplace often feels like a barren landscape.   And, indeed it is for some, but for many, their campaigns are blossoming.

If you are struggling, I invite you to capitalize on the byproduct of spring – that is, daydreaming. Innovation emerges from it.  People often feel renewed and invigorated by stream of consciousness thinking.  Uncertainty gives way to clarity of thought.  People are empowered and more authentic when they are more self-accepting and when they allow their best to show through.

As “tongue-in-cheek” as it might sound, I recommend that you plan out your spontaneity.  Go for a long walk.  Develop several key questions that you ask yourself during your meditative stroll.  Be prepared to explore more deeply your responses when they surface, as there may be rich learning as you probe further.

The following are several transformational questions that I periodically ask myself; you might find them to be helpful, too.

  • What is your dream for the future?  Who do you need to become to realize this outcome?
  • When / where / how can you be more innovative?
  • If you knew you could not fail, how would you think, feel, and act? 
  • What are your top 5 empowering beliefs and motivators?
  • Think back to a time and place in which you were unbelievably emboldened, confident, courageous, and authentic.  Intensify your positive feelings and personal power so that you are able to power up and power down at will.

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