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In the midst of this crisis, being able to expand your options in your job search by pivoting into a thriving industry is certainly helpful. But how easy is it to shift from your troubled industry to another?

A marketplace reality is that you will always add the most value in your industry niche. Companies, in general, are a bit more risk-averse these days and are seeking a “safe” candidate, one that can hit the ground running, especially in private equity. But companies are also in the midst of digital transformations, launching new tangential businesses / new platforms, expanding distribution channels, etc. where they often need different talents and experiences.

To make an industry shift, you need to align with the company’s DNA: their culture, pace, and workforce. Don’t just talk about being results-oriented and fast-paced; share examples. “I hired 400 sales leaders in 3 months!” Show them how your skills can align and accelerate the P&L of the organization. Think about your key transferable skills: leading change, M&A integrations, IT implementations, scaling businesses, or globalization. Recently a corporate officer was able to break into a global technology company after many years in retail because of this alignment; she had a track record of leading transformations with companies with a global, distributed, hourly workforce. Bingo!!

It’s critical to do your company research and exploratory networking into your targets to uncover what companies need and want for the future. Many banks, for example, are adding in layers of creative IT leaders versus traditional finance executives as they move to much more technology-driven organizations.

Regardless of the situation, the very best way for you, as a candidate, to be able to pivot from your industry is with a strong brand and value proposition. What are the problems you can solve? What is the value you bring, and who needs it? As Steve Patcot at SpencerStuart so wisely advises, today more than ever, figure out your “Super Power” and be about it! This will open new and different doors even in a pandemic!

Written by: Sharon Noha

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Sharon Noha
Senior Vice President, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Sharon Noha, who personifies customer service at Robertson Lowstuter, is a seasoned marketing and sales executive with over 20 years of achieving significant results. Sharon is responsible for business development across the breadth of R|L’s product / service offerings including Executive Coaching, High Performance Team Building, Change Leadership, and Executive Career Transition. Sharon is innovative, results-oriented, and skilled in developing creative business solutions for organizations that directly and positively impact their productivity and profitability. She is effective at creating compelling vision and mobilizing others into action. She is a dynamic public speaker with solid experience in leadership, team development, and public relations. Read Full Bio



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