Knight’s Code

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

I recently watched Medieval Sworda powerful film; Liam Neeson stars as a noble knight in the fast-paced, gritty movie, Kingdom of Heaven, directed by Ridley Scott.  After Liam is severely wounded, he knights his long-lost son with a compelling Knight’s Code.
This film caused me to reflect on my own “Knight’s Code”:

Live an authentic life.  
Be fully expressed and accountable for my actions and impact.
Be courageous and live with purpose and intention.
Do the right things for the right reasons.  
Empower others so that they may realize their potential and joy.
Under promise and over deliver.
Add 10X value . . . always.  

We all live by a code, usually expressed through our core beliefs and values, whether we are conscious of them or not.

  • What are your core values and ideals, perhaps, similar to the Knight’s Code?
  • What might your life be like, if you lived your life fully aligned with your Code’s core principles?
  • How will you and others benefit from your accessing more of your potential?

We all have a Knight’s Code.  What is yours?


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