Stymied? Take a Shower

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

ShowerEver get stuck on an issue and know that the answer is on the edge of your consciousness?  Many of the most creative ideas come from doing something other than focusing on the task at hand.  Your brain will continue to mull over any question you ask of it whether you are actively working on it or not. This strategy of developing a “soft focus” has been used by notables, such as,  Michelangelo, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs.  Their common technique was to take long walks to allow innovative solutions to bubble to the surface.

When I am at an impasse, I often do something else, rather than continue to struggle; I switch tasks, take a walk, read an article.  However, the place where many of my breakthrough ideas come from is when I take a shower.  (One of these days, I’m going to invent a water resistant white board that I can use in the shower.)  For some reason that is the place I am able to shut off my conscious mind and allow my subconscious answer my most vexing queries.

Each of us has a different place where we can shut off our minds.  I had to stop asking myself questions before I went to bed because I kept waking up at 2am with a response.

Where do your breakthroughs happen the most?

Next time you go there ask yourself:

  1. What are three actions I can take within 24 hours to achieve the result I need?
  2. When’s my next shower? Schedule a regular time to consciously let go.

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  1. Don Skelton

    Call a friend. Explaining the problem forces definition and organization of issue and usually helpful feedback.

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