Gratefulness . . . Buoys and Motivates

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Buoy on WaterYou might be struggling with the uncertainties and the emotional roller coaster of being in transition. When you feel isolated or stuck, you might feel the least resourceful and confident at the very time in which you need to be on top of your game.

I admit that it is hard to sustain motivation consistently over the course of your transition.  You may have a proven track record of significantly contributing to the growth and profitability of your former companies, but you can’t get people to return your networking calls.

There will be roles that are perfect for you, but you do not land them.

There will be interviews where you click amazingly well . . .  and other times you simply can’t connect.

This is all normal and everyone experiences their own form of heart-pounding ups and downs, twists and turns.  As my folksy father-in-law, Snooks, used to say: “Some days you’re   the windshield; some days you’re the bug!”

On those days that you feel like the bug squashed on the “windshield of life,” focus on those things for which you are grateful.

Make a list of what are you grateful for, the things you’ve achieved, and the people and things you cherish.

Being grateful buoys your spirit and enhances your confidence in all your endeavors and relationships.  Share a few of the things you’re grateful for here – it will buoy your spirit even more and ours too.


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