Competency, Focus, and Confidence

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Being competent, staying focused, and remaining confident are three important attributes you need to possess to create an extraordinary career.

The tragedy is that the more you desperately need to keep a job, the least likely that you will do so.  Why?  Because your fear and desperation show through. The reality is that people want to be around leaders who are competent and emboldened . . . fully authentic, transparent, and courageous.

In ControlTips to Enhance Your COMPETENCY:

  • Interview experts in your field for an article that you are committed to writing.  Ask what was most influential to their success.  Begin to incorporate a number of these success traits in your career. Ask other senior people who know you well for candid, constructive feedback.
  • Read leadership books, listen to books-on-tape, and attend lectures / association meetings.
  • Remember, it’s not how hard or long you worked, what matters are the results you’ve created.  You get paid for results!


  • Keep your working surface clear of extraneous clutter. Unneeded stuff is distracting.
  • Ask yourself powerful Time Management questions:  “What’s the best use of my time right now?” and “What outcomes am I committed to creating in the next 60 minutes?”
  • As you minimize the numbers of distractions, your productivity will soar.


  • 1st – get emotionally and spiritually grounded.  Write down and say out loud- with great enthusiasm – at least 12 things in your life for which you are immensely grateful.
  • 2nd – enthusiastically bound out from under the covers to start your purpose-filled day.  Exercise, meditate, and capture your dreams / goals for your role and life.  Identify what you will be doing, wearing, driving, believing, and experiencing.

What are your proven Accelerants to Success?    

What are the Roadblocks to Success that plague you?  How can you eliminate or minimize their impact?


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