Around the Bend

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Narrow Street in ProvenceAs many of you know, we’ve coached thousands of executives in transition in our 32 years.  We have taught them a powerful, yet commonsense approach that I’m going to share with you here in the form of a metaphor.

Ever been to Europe?  I’ve had the privilege of going there a number of times.  I love the quaint villages in and around Provence, France.  The narrow roads wind sensually through ancient stone hamlets, revealing one picturesque scene after another – like the picture you see here.  I feel really alive in those settings, enthusiastically anticipating a wonderful experience around each bend.  I’m curious about what comes next and find that I have a lighter bounce in my step.   I delight in learning about and sampling the food and drink that are foreign to me.

This is one of our formulas for getting up and staying up in your search.  Delight in traveling around each bend in your search campaign – there are some fascinating people out there if you are open to reaching out to them with positive expectancy.  Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Everyone has a story they’d love to share with people who connect with them.   Take the risk.  Make the calls.  Be bold, confident, and courageous.  Your joyful enthusiasm will infect others and referrals will come flowing your way.

What’s around the bend for you?  Re-frame any roadblock and visualize success in discovering “strangers-soon-to-be-friends” who will be delighted to meet the invigorated you!

What three things can you do to enhance your boldness, confidence, and enthusiasm?


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  1. Ken Wahlstrom

    Clyde, right on. Everyone has a story and wants to tell it
    In my view it is a privilege and pleasure to hear other’s stories. And, even sometimes we are able to help them along their way.

  2. Clyde Lowstuter

    Greetings Ken –

    Thanks for raising 2 really salient points. 1st – It’s a well known fact that when you help others along the way, your life is enriched, as well. I can’t imagine a better state of mind when one networks or interviews than feeling enriched and empowered by serving the greater good. 2nd – sharing your personal story of your life / career is a terrific way to create the context of your accomplishments and core values. However, the challenge is to share it in 3-minute sound bites, lest you over talk, thereby inappropriately dominating the conversation. As you well know, behaving overly assertive or insensitive to others is the kiss of death in both networking and interviewing.

    Warm regards – Clyde

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