8 Tips to Unleash Your Leader Within

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

We have been observing the traits and behaviors of exceptional leaders for many years. These world class individuals continually and consciously raise their self-awareness and are deeply committed to leadership mastery.  The following tips highlight the behaviors and mindsets that top performers employ to create significant shareholder value and wealth for themselves.

  1. Leaders operate authentically.  They are genuine, open, honest, straightforward, transparent, and demanding.
  2. Leaders are collaborative.  They develop the best in others while they are aware of how their behavior impacts the greater good of the organization.
  3. Leaders master their craft.  They are voracious readers on a wide range of business topics, and are leading edge practitioners in their field.
  4. Leaders keep their eyes peeled for opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.
  5. Leaders listen and acknowledge the ideas of others, orchestrating the talents of many in support of a single compelling vision.
  6. Leaders are keen observers of others’ reactions to their words, intonations, and body language. They seek honest, candid feedback and acknowledge the courage it took for others to provide it.  Out of that transparency, trust and respect grow.
  7. Leaders are cognizant of their empowering and disempowering beliefs / behaviors . . and their impact on the P&L.
  8. Leaders take what they do seriously, but not themselves. They know when and how to:  Relax.  Calm down. Stop worrying so much.  Embrace their talents, skills, and abilities.  Lighten up – knowing that their capabilities far outstrip their greatest concerns.

INVITATION:  Let us know the most powerful tip you’ve used to impact your success. 


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