Wind in Your Sails – R|L Summer Outing

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Summer is a great time for renewal with invigorating gatherings of business colleagues, friends, and family.  The theme for this year’s Open House was Wind in Your Sails – a metaphor for those interactions and insights that have the power to buoy your spirits and recharge your batteries to carry you forward with even greater enthusiasm.  Just as well trimmed sails will convert the force of the wind into motion, the right types of connections will propel you with new energy.  Who and what buoys you in the midst of these fast-paced, demanding times?

We recommend that you connect with others regularly – as a means of deepening your insights and capabilities.  Work hard and play hard to experience the breadth and depth of your authentic self.

Thank you for being part of the R|L Community that energizes us beyond measure.  We appreciate you greatly.

RL Wind in Your Sails Collage


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  1. Donna Gosciej

    Looks like a really nice party. Great pic, thanks for sharing!

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