The Magic of R|L . . . is You!

Clyde C. Lowstuter, President & CEO

Celebrating 30 years of executive development, we were thrilled to have more than 300 friends, clients, and alumni gather in our backyard garden and tennis court to reconnect and make new friends.  All of us were fed in more ways than one – by Rankinfyle’s lively jazz, Simon Lin’s innovative sushi bar, and Hel’s Kitchen’s delectable treats.  After a week of power outages and stormy weather, we couldn’t have asked for a more delightful evening.

Our magician gave us one of our biggest compliments of the evening – concerning you.  A true pro in his own right, he had carefully positioned himself away from others to observe the crowd before intermingling with small groups.  Having attended more than 6,000 corporate events, he was delightfully surprised at how folks would immediately approach him and engage him in interesting conversations at this event. That community spirit was certainly reflective of our theme – The Magic of R|L . . . is You! 

30-year CollageThe following comments capture the essence of R|L and the evening:

  • “You have an uncanny ability to identify the uniqueness and value of each individual you encounter or work with and you convey it with authenticity and passion.  Over the years you have instilled hope in the lives of so many people.”
  • “You guys throw the best party in town.  It was good to catch up with many old friends and make some new ones.”

Thank you once again for being so supportive of R|L – the team, our values, and our services.  We are forever grateful to you.  Without your continued involvement we wouldn’t be able to help people unleash more of their authentic selves and craft the life / career they want.

Best wishes for your continued success and may you always  . . . “Create Uncommon Results!”®


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