Superior Quality Attracts Quality Customers

by Clyde C. Lowstuter

Food and BeverageI was captivated by a poster advertising a commodity food product, but with unabashed pride. It read something like this:

Our products are the finest in the world.  So, naturally, they’re not for everyone.  Some people don’t recognize unique quality, some recognize it but don’t want to pay for it and some just don’t care enough about preparing the best ethnic food possible.

We believe in a credo that has been handed down generation after generation – “Superior quality products will attract superior quality customers.  Our customers know the difference!”

What was fascinating to me was that this company’s core values were aligned with their products’ value proposition. The message was clear – this organization is committed to producing the highest quality products for discerning customers who are willing to pay incrementally more.  The poster also communicated what the company was not – a mass retailer selling its mediocre products at a price to undercut its competitors.  Brilliantly done.

What is your organization’s market niche? 

What is your USP – Unique Selling Proposition?

As a CEO, how are you distinguishing your organization’s superior quality products and services?

Beyond what you are currently doing, what else could you do to attract quality customers willing to pay top dollar for a superior product?


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