Let’s Get Hyper!

By Clyde Lowstuter

If you’ve followed our approach to resume writing, you know that we repeatedly ask my favorite, yet most obnoxious question, “So, What?” While, perhaps, unsettling at first, it’s a proven process by which you can quantify your accomplishments and highlight your unique background. Additionally, we recommend that our career transition clients insert ResumeLinks™ that highlight significant accomplishments or events that showcase their talent, skills, and abilities.

ResumeLinks™ – whether they are text or video will:

  • Direct the reader to a few substantive “events” or statements in news headlines, press releases, websites, or video presentations, illustrating your specific impact.
  • ResumeLinks™ should be used exclusively to demonstrate your performance, not link to your companies or universities. The reason being, you don’t want to divert readers away from your resume content or brand persona.
  • Cut through the clutter of competing resumes by grabbing the attention of resume screeners.
  • Buoy your boldness and confidence, while reigniting your passion for your role.
  • Enhance your visibility in the marketplace.

Businessman giving presentation to his ColleaguesExamples:  One client created ResumeLinks™ to highlight her significant leadership capabilities in the highly profitable sale of her company which netted $1.2 billion.  Another executive linked his role to a press release quantifying his successful growth strategy.  A litigator linked a video clip of his compelling closing statements from a highly publicized trial. A high-tech executive linked his new product launch campaign to a social media advertising video.

ResumeLinks™ provide interest, intrigue, and ensure the integrity of your credentials. They are limited only to your imagination. However, finesse is key. You only need 2-3 carefully placed links to anchor your resume. Get greedy and over-indulge – you risk being seen as trying too hard to impress others, or worse, people may think you are insecure.

Start with your quantified resume. Answer the tough, “So, What?” questions. Look over your list of impactful accomplishments. Are you portraying yourself as powerfully as you’d like? What do you want to showcase to a potential employer? What roles do you want to particularly highlight? Be mindful when selecting your links; if you have worked for a privately held company, make sure that you find quantifications that are public knowledge and can be shared.

Identify your successes.  Deepen your credibility through ResumeLinks™.  Solidify your reputation.

Let’s get Hyper!!


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