6 Signs that You’re Burned Out

Clyde C. Lowstuter

All of us are wired.  We’re synched up.  Hardwired.  Your computer, tablet, e-reader, cell phone, car, home thermostat, security system, and every electronic device that you own has an operating system. Your many OS’s need to be upgraded from time to time to maintain optimal performance.  Likewise, you also have well-developed operating systems – physiologically, behaviorally, emotionally, and psychologically – that require adjustments for you to operate smoothly, lest you get fried.

Each of us is hardwired a little differently and it requires a nuanced approach in order to live an optimal existence. It’s crucial to pay attention when you are stressed or anxious. It may be time to reflect and calibrate how you’re thinking, feeling, and behaving.

You’re Burned Out If You Are:

  1. Agitated, nervous, and exhausted most of the time.
  2. Angry toward everyone and everything and you don’t know why.
  3. Oblivious to the most obvious behavioral clues that you’re out of control.
  4. Feeling rudderless and uncertain about how to act or even what to say at times.
  5. Experiencing an undercurrent of helplessness and zero energy.
  6. Generally unproductive and lacking creativity, on or off the job.

The key to extinguishing your burnout is to immerse yourself in the core beliefs that ground you, while focusing on the underlying values that give you purpose and direction.  Scrutinize the things that have been profoundly important to you and have brought you joy and deep peace.  Maybe you need to lighten up and give yourself permission to take a break . . . or a nap. It may even be time to hang up your Super Hero cape!

To function effectively with others it is critical that you become increasingly self-aware and mindful of what you are thinking and feeling, and how you are behaving.  When I was working on my newest book 35 Truths last year I unintentionally upgraded my own OS.  While the purpose of writing the book was to identify significant learnings over R|L’s 35 years, I received much more.  After combing through years of my R|L speeches, workshops, manuals, and books, I had a huge list of important core values. When I narrowed this list to the top 35, I found myself reigniting around those values.

I felt an increased sense of being even more grounded and authentic . . . and more anchored in my beliefs.  My profound revelation was that we all need to take the time to reboot our beliefs and values.  We must take control of those dysfunctional behavior instant replays that undermine our personal power and effectiveness.  Doing so will reinvigorate our drive and solidify our ability to avoid burnout.

Best wishes for your continued success and may you always . . .
“Create Uncommon Results!”® 


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  1. Amy Cosler

    Great article Clyde! I feel refreshed just reading it! Also, I keep my copy of 35 Truths on my coffee table!

    For me, what keeps grounded is also daily “chair time” with my bible.

    Cheers! hope you are all well!

  2. Amy Cosler

    Great article Clyde! I feel refreshed just reading it! I keep my copy of 35 Truths on my coffee table! For me, what keeps grounded is also daily “chair time” with my Bible.

    Cheers! hope you are all well!

  3. Warren Anderson

    Hi Clyde,

    You put forth some excellent thoughts. I would add a couple ideas. Several years ago one of the founders of the Minurth-Meyer clinics suggested that one major cause of burnout is resentment; why me, why must I work so hard, etc. That in turn reminds me of the biblical concept of work being a blessing and doing everything as unto the Lord.


  4. Marc A Lessem

    As usual, insightful comments. Perhaps the list should be expanded to 7 signs with the first being, “Intrigued enough by the title of the email to click on the link and read the blog entry”! Have a great day!

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