The Value of a Mentor

As the folks at Mastercard say: “Priceless.”

The mentor/mentee relationship is a cyclical process of growth and giving back where everyone wins. Mentors proactively invest in the mentees’ career growth and challenge them to realize more of their potential. Inspired by these role models, mentees gain greater confidence, new perspectives, and broader spheres of influence. In turn, mentees often go on to become the next generation of mentors.

By establishing and following agreed upon norms and adjusting them when needed, the chances of a mutually beneficial and healthy mentorship increase. Be clear about:

  • Who owns the relationship?
  • Who owes what to whom?
  • What are the goals and how will we measure success?

When we know where we are going and how, this clears the way for mentors to give back and mentees to learn and grow. The organization also wins as mentoring creates a definitive ROI with increased engagement and greater retention.

When a mentorship relationship works for everyone involved the result is truly – Priceless.

Written By: Susan Snowden


About the Author

Susan Snowden
Vice President, Robertson Lowstuter, Inc.

Susan Snowden is an exceptionally perceptive consultant, marketing executive, and executive coach with over 30 years of Fortune 500 and consulting experience. Read Her Full Bio


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