Myths & Realities of Career Search – Myth 2

By Clyde C. Lowstuter

Myth 2:   If I’m over 55, it’s almost impossible to get a good job.

Reality:  Well, yes and no.

We acknowledge that ageism is alive and well in the employment market.  But that’s not the whole story.
We’ve seen the entire spectrum of hiring decisions. We’ve seen some companies reluctant to hire a person because s/he was over 55 and we’ve seen other companies gravitate to candidates above 55 because of greater wisdom, maturity, and experience.

Age is so relative.  You can be young and think old; or you can be older (60+) and think and act much younger than your years.

Myth’s Assumption:  

The belief that the 35-45-year-olds are the ones who have the new ideas, energy, and drive to make things happen is a flawed assumption.  Innovation, energy, and drive are not age-dependent.  Persons, of any age, who can link what is hot in the marketplace with experience or a unique perspective are likely to drive innovation and pragmatic strategies.

What to do?  Ideas to tip the scales in your favor:

  1. Update your resume:  Highlight your unique skills and the P&L impact that you generate.
  2. Be prepared: When interviewing, demonstrate a high level of passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge.
  3. Bring yourself up to speed on the current / emerging technologies that are appropriate for your role.
  4. Take care of yourself:  Get sufficient sleep – you’ll be mentally sharper.  Exercise is energizing and shows discipline.  Spiff up your wardrobe.
  5. Make a list of your leadership operating tenets and empowering beliefs.
  6. Identify 5 things for which you are immensely grateful.

Keep in mind – 60 is today’s 40.


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  1. Ed Kraus

    Another good Blog on Ageism with some great points.

    I liked the check list and the following line summed it up: “60 is the new 40”!

  2. John McCarthy

    This post really speaks to a need not only for senior job seekers, but also for those of us who coach them through their job searches. Almost every week, I hear (or at least sense) that the age-discrimination cloud is hanging over the head of a client. I’m going to be using the “What-to-do” tips with many of my clients.
    Thanks for addressing this fundamental issue.

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