Connections Boost Creativity

R|L recently took the opportunity to compile a group of creative business ideas from some of our esteemed business connections – clients, contacts, colleagues, and friends.  Here is what we gathered:

  • Be insatiably curious.  Ask yourself, “What if?” and “What’s another perspective?” at least once a day.
  • Use mindmapping to consider broader options.
  • Recast your limiting or disempowering beliefs and behaviors to achieve a better result.
  • Take others to lunch, get to know what they do well.
  • Plan every personal encounter with your end goal in mind.
  • Listen to the voice of your customers as you problem-solve and before you make your decisions.
  • In every way, “Create Uncommon Results!”
  • Creative ideas often come by adding some play into your day.  Take a break and see what happens.  Learn by walking around.  We rely on computers too much.
  • Build your digital identity and brand . . . one article at a time.
  • Expand your accomplishments.  Think about who else could benefit from knowing what you have just done or learned.
  • Pay it forward.  Consistently deliver random acts of kindness with no expectations of anything in return.
  • Brain Game:

I wave without hands.  My storms never rain.
I like being teased, but please do not drain.
You can pick me in public,
I’m racked without pain,
Scans may detect damage,
whether left, right, or main.
Don’t call me a bird.
Matter not.  Won’t complain.
DNR me . . . I’m dead.
Indeed, I’m your _ _ _ _ _.
Dr. Jack Maggiore, Chief Statistic Officer
Health Life Laboratories

  • Everything in life is a learning opportunity – seek to grow positively from it.
  • Optimize the strength of your existing brand by being crystal clear on your vision and by operating authentically.
  • Determine new ways of applying what you already do well.
  • Dare to be more.  Think in bigger terms.  What would you believe and how would you act if you knew you could not fail?
  • Access multiple perspectives by asking yourself, “How would my boss handle this?  My peer?”
  • Brainstorm with others.  Your collaboration will easily take your solution to the next level and build endorsement and credibility along the way.
  • Know what specific difference you want to make in your organization and then give it your all.
  • Take 15 minutes at the close of your day to plan the key priorities for the next day.  That way, you will come in more focused and ready to go.
  • Build momentum by creating a high sense of urgency in all you do.  Speed is a competitive advantage.
  • Master your role.  Ask for feedback, “How can I/my team be even more effective?”
  • Calculate your risks and then act.
  • Master thinking strategically and operating tactically.
  • Create customer evangelists based on real value-add who will then do the marketing for you.

We encourage you to take one or two of the ideas above and meaningfully incorporate it into your business practices, remembering that connections indeed boost creativity!


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