Our Process

Our High Performance Team Building  process  has  been  described as a total immersion executive learning lab, in which people can safely risk, share, learn, grow, and contribute.

Phase I:
Organization and Team Needs Assessment

We identify the unique needs of the team and key leadership challenges for every person. We gather this data through in-depth individual interviews of the team members, introspective self-assessment questionnaires, and R│L’s proprietary Team Diagnostic Assessment Inventory™ (TDAI) and Team Assessment Questionnaire(TAQ) that highlight areas for enhancement.

Phase II: Off-Site Meetings

Off-site retreats are custom-designed to achieve the executive team’s specific goals and link to the overall business objectives and strategic plan. All High Performance Team Building interactions are highly innovative, “hands-on” utilizing experiential learning methodologies, and are ROI-focused.  

While every team is different, performance, communication, and trust breakthroughs occur as people experience greater authenticity, alignment, and rally to resolve leadership challenges.  

Phase III:
Sustainability and Accountability

R│L is committed to every team reinforcing its learning and sustaining its behavioral and operating changes. Executives quickly adopt our proven approaches that generate immediate results. Incorporated into every High Performance Team Building engagement is a formal process of periodically interacting with the team to evaluate post-retreat conditions. This in-person face time is an opportunity to positively reinforce individual and team learning, changes, and accountability.   

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