Top Gun Presentation Coaching™

Effective leaders are effective speakers.  They  know  what  their  audiences want and present ideas in a powerful and compelling manner.

With a nod to the Navy’s Top Gun Flight School that makes great pilots superior pilots, R│L Top Gun Presentation Coaching equips solid speakers to be superior presenters.  We enable our clients to more confidently, boldly, and effectively present to boards, senior leadership teams, subordinate staff, and at professional conferences.


The process includes:

  • Strategy Development
  • Presentation Assessment
  • Outcome Definition
  • Enhancing Boldness, Confidence, and Enthusiasm
  • Message Development
  • Impression Management
  • Persuasion Quotient 
  • Presentation Enhancement

Workshops and coaching are customized to address your unique objectives, timeframes, individualized needs, and expectations.   

To explore what Top Gun Presentation Coaching can do for you or someone on your team, contact us.