Strategic Meeting Facilitation

Do meetings cost you money or make you money?  
Whether it is an annual strategy, operating, or budget review, your most talented people consume many hours in these important group meetings.  If these meetings are unproductive, they will cost your organization more than you realize.
By facilitating your meetings, Robertson Lowstuter can help you:

  • Monitor the agenda/stay on schedule
  • Focus on the P&L impact
  • Exponentially expand innovative ideas and options
  • Encourage participation from all attendees
  • Help participants understand different perspectives
  • Create a safe environment for exchanging ideas and problem-solving
  • Manage participants’ behavior and interpersonal dynamics
  • Record resolved/unresolved issues

We are committed to making your meetings significantly more productive and profitable.  You gain an independent voice that is more focused on the group outcome and not on specific individuals or their agendas. 

Want R│L to make a profitable difference in your meetings?  Contact us.