The Art of Innovation - Bursting the Seams

How important is innovation to your business and industry?  Do you have a formal plan on how to innovate?  If not, you have lots of company.  It is estimated that 90% of Fortune 500 companies declare that innovation is ‘critically important to their future success’ but only 14% indicate that they have a focused innovation effort.
The Art of Applied Innovation workshop weaves together the essence of creativity (developing new ideas) and innovation (the application of creative ideas) for executives focused on improving their market position and organizational capability. 
Highlights of this interactive forum include:

  • Assumptions, judgments, and biases:  How they run you
  • Enhancing your personal & organizational creativity
  • Increase your strategic agility
  • Redefining/reframing questions into open possibilities
  • Learning the ‘Magic of Metaphors’
  • Harnessing the power of managing paradoxes
  • Capturing the invisible with new models
  • Understanding the ‘Ripple Effect’

This unique ½ - 1 day R│L workshop will help you liberate more creativity and practically apply innovation to your business and your executive role. 

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    There’s a way to do it better—  find it.” 

                     Thomas Edison