Coaching Competencies for Leaders™

Effective leaders are effective coaches. Coaching  mastery  should  be  an integral quality of every leader.  The objectives of this workshop series are:

  • To enhance the leaders’ ability to effectively coach their staffs to access more of their potential;
  • Empower leaders to more fully unleash their own talents. Performance improvement is the goal; positive P&L impact is the result.

R│L has found that by focusing on the five coaching competencies (Authenticity, Assessment, Alignment, Action, and Accountability) each leader becomes a:

  • Powerful Communicator who provides straightforward, honest, and insightful feedback.  
  • Observer of Human Behavior who has a well-developed ability to accurately assess his/her own behavior and that of others, fluidly making the adaptive shifts in interpersonal style to effectively interact with diverse styles.
  • Trust Builder and Motivator who helps individuals align their own values with their company’s vision, values, and culture.  
  • Performance Advocate who coaches employees to embrace change and perform at higher levels with a positive P&L impact.

The Coaching Competencies for Leaders workshop series is anchored with a one-day Authenticity Workshop. Subsequent workshops are generally designed to be half-days but can be modified as needed. Executive and Train-the-Trainer Certification sessions are available to roll out this coaching program throughout your entire organization.

To explore what Coaching Competencies for Leaders can do for you and your organization, contact us.