The Art of Leading Change

Are you leading change or is it leading you?  The reality is that change happens when you are focused on something else.   
The Art of Leading Change workshop takes a unique behavioral view of the impact that ongoing, exponential change has on an organization, its employees, and its customers. 
Highlights of this interactive forum include:

  • 12 dynamics of exponential change
  • Problems and opportunities with relentless change 
  • See Evolving Organizations’ challenges and opportunities
  • Individual / team / company responses 
  • Vision and Commitment:  2 major change success factors 
  • 4 stages of leading change
  • Practical skills to thrive in rapid change
  • How to turn around resistance and eliminate fear of change 
  • Gaining alignment and positive momentum

A self-scoring quiz, ChangeReadiness™, will enable participants to assess their organization’s readiness to embrace change.  Pockets of resistance will be identified with proven success strategies.

This fast-paced workshop will take much of the uncertainty out of change and provide your team and organization with a viable roadmap for the future.
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