Breakthroughs! to Personal Transformation™

What  if  you  were  able  to  execute your plans 15% faster and with greater confidence?  What if you were able to close 20% more deals with your customers and at a higher margin?  What would it mean to your team if you were able to help them develop more of their potential?
This acclaimed two-day experiential learning workshop explores practical ways to operate more effectively and powerfully in the real world, on and off the job.  Breakthroughs! delivers leading-edge behavioral and organizational strategies in a practical nuts-and-bolts manner.

You will learn and practice the following in Breakthroughs! to Personal Transformation:

  • The most important determinant for personal and leadership success
  • How leaders can optimize their team’s potential
  • The five major steps in raising your authenticity
  • The four elements necessary for effective communication
  • How you can stop the destructive cycle of being defensive
  • Five valuable ways to provide feedback and manage conflict
  • Determine others NEED's and WANT's through Focused Listening
  • The 10 most common unaddressed personal roadblocks and fears
  • The Elevator of Accountability and the Power of Choice

This inspiring, high impact workshop will be unlike any other you have attended, so come prepared to realize more of your potential, while designing your own, unique transformation.
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