Behavioral IQ: The Art of Authentic Interaction®

Regardless of the roles we play, we live in a world of people and relationships. Your ability to effectively interact with others increases your potential for success and happiness both personally and professionally. The quality of your connections is directly related to how well you understand yourself, your level of authenticity, and the manner in which you interact, communicate, and build radical, unconditional trust.


B-IQ® reveals your behavioral style, how you are perceived, the impact you have on others, and their impact on you.  B-IQ® is an incisive assessment instrument and pragmatic process that equips you to significantly raise your interpersonal awareness and speed read others’ behavioral styles within seconds.  It enhances your understanding and appreciation of the nuances of human behavior, including your (and others’) roadblocks and accelerants to success.  By becoming more behaviorally agile, you will improve your overall authenticity, accountability, and effectiveness, both on and off the job.


The focus of the B-IQ® goes beyond most assessments by helping you truly understand the dynamics of how other styles operate in conjunction with your own style.  What are key drivers, inhibitors, communication issues, and conflict modalities?  How do you and other styles interact and react under stress, defensiveness, or change?  How might your style emotionally trigger others, and vice versa?  How will you and other styles most naturally build trust, accomplish your best work, or challenge yourselves with focused decision-making, risk-taking, and next-level growth? 


B-IQ® enhances your ability to readily see the potential of others, to suspend style bias and assumptions, and to mentor and develop others to build a super-charged performance engine.  B-IQ® can be taken in an individual or multi-rater format; the results are given in a customized Interpretive Report of over 25 pages, which can be supplemented by an Operating Manual of over 100 pages.  To explore Behavioral IQ options for you and your team, contact us.