Emotional Intelligence

What is your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and how does it relate to your career success? Is it similar to IQ tests where results don’t change over time?
EQ is a clear predictor of performance and career success. It measures emotional and social competencies used to understand, express yourself, and relate to others as well as cope with life situations and pressures.  Unlike IQ scores which do not change over time, an EQ may be cultivated and enhanced through skill development, coaching, and feedback.

By attending this one-day workshop, you will learn:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • The business case for Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a key leadership competitive advantage
  • Your EQ Profile and interactions in the workplace
  • New insights, techniques, and tools to gain balance, self-management, and strengthen your EQ
  • Roadblocks and accelerants to your success and how to leverage these for optimal individual, team, and organizational success
  • How to design your own Personal Action Plan for the workplace

Participants in this workshop will take a 30-minute, 125-question online assessment to measure the 5 broad scales and 15 subscales of Emotional Intelligence with the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory. 

To explore Emotional Intelligence for yourself or your leadership team, contact us.