Build Your Leadership Brand™

What is your personal Leadership Brand?  How accurate and compelling is it?  Does your Brand differentiate you and position you for success? 

Companies spend billions of dollars to manage their brand image.  Why?  They know how much a valuable brand is worth.  For individuals, while we judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our behavior.  Clearly, managing others’ perceptions is critical to making your own personal brand strong and powerful.

This highly interactive ½-day executive forum will enable you to begin building the foundation of a powerful and authentic leadership brand; one that’s right for you with tools that you can immediately apply at work.

You will enhance your ability to:

  • Articulate your personal brand crisply and clearly
  • Link your brand leadership to P&L impact
  • Identify brand derailers and accelerants
  • Guide others in developing their brand
  • Revitalize and strengthen your personal brand

To explore Build Your Leadership Brand for you or your leadership team, contact us.