3 AM Solution: Addressing Tough Performance Issues™

Billions of dollars of profitability are not realized as a result of performance-shortfalls estimated to exceed 25%.  Why is this?  A staggering 97% of surveyed executives indicated that they have delayed addressing tough performance issues.

In this interactive workshop, participants will: 

  • Understand the price of sub-optimization to themselves and their companies.
  • Discover what disempowering beliefs and fears they hold that consistently create avoidance or procrastination in addressing tough performance issues and irritating interpersonal style quirks.
  • Learn how to spot the main sources of conflict and non-performance and how to manage it.
  • Appreciate how their avoidances result in others becoming increasingly stalled, stuck, derailed, demoralized, consistently sub-optimized in their role – or terminated. 
  • Develop sound bites and “scripts” that eliminate the fear and aversion of holding people accountable for their performance and behavior.  
  • Practice employing R|L’s formula for stress-free performance discussions.    
  • Become more comfortable and confident through “hands-on” experiences addressing performance issues in a highly supportive and direct manner without creating defensiveness.

The 3 AM SOLUTION workshop is especially powerful and effective for those leaders who are committed to enhancing their companies’ profits and staffs’ overall performance, while elevating their own leadership capabilities.    

To explore what the 3 AM Solution can do for you and your organization, contact us.