Executive Search

Finding  the right talent was never easy, but now it is tougher.   Companies are hiring executives with highly specific skills.  This tightens the job specifications and shrinks the potential pool of viable candidates.  

Robertson Lowstuter can help you in these increasingly specialized searches by:

  • Providing you free access to our extensive executive alumni and client network.  Our goal is to provide you only candidates that are relevant to your search. 
  • Performing objective and accurate Executive Candidate Assessments using both R│L proprietary and industry standard tools (360° Assessments, MBTI, 16 PF, FIRO-B®, and Lominger Career Architect® cards).

If you would like to tap into R│L's rich senior executive network or have us perform pre-hiring candidate assessments, send us a direct inquiry.    

"Having known Clyde and his fine staff for
decades, I consider Robertson Lowstuter
to be not only a truly professional firm, 
but also an excellent search resource."